One student in our study abroad group happened to find this company, so about 10 of us booked the weekend trip to Lagos.  The transportation was easy and the activities awesomely planned.  And they have great staff! It was such an unforgettable trip for an awesome price.  We didn’t have to think about anything because everything was already planned. We saw and did way more than we would have if we planned the trip on our own. So of course, we wanted to do a second trip. We took the weekend trip to Morocco, which was my most favorite vacation in my life. Morocco was so beautiful and so rich in culture and I do not think I would have experienced most of it without We Love Spain. Each event they planned was so entertaining, fun, educational and adventurous. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I hope to come back to Spain so I can stop in the office to say hello to staff and to take another trip!