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Go TEFL Spain

Terms & Conditions


Go TEFL Spain is a third party marketing company for the Tefl course institution TEFL International Seville ©.  All courses, course materials, instruction, installations, and certificates are given by, and are the responsibility of Tefl International Seville ©.

By booking your course with Go TEFL Spain, it is automatically accepted that the Terms and Conditions have been read, understood, and agreed by the customer and no exceptions to the terms and conditions will be applied nor given.


Go TEFL Spain in an intermediary company that assists in the promotion and reservations of the course.  Once a customer has reserved and paid for their spot, Go TEFL Spain is not responsible for anything that may occur post reservation, whether it be cancellations, postponement, illness, damage caused, lost items, injuries, etc.  Any and all issues are to be taken up with Tefl International Seville ©.


When a customer reserves their spot, they are obligated to fill out an online form in which they indicate which date they will be participating in the course along with some personal data.  It is the responsibility of the customer to enter the correct information in the online form.  Go TEFL Spain is not resposible for any costs incurred to the customer for erroneously enterring the wrong course date.

Customer Course Payment and Cancellation Policy

Go TEFL Spain is not responsible for nor will give refunds for any cancellations due to illness, strikes, acts of terrorism, poor weather conditions, war, or any sudden, unpreventable events.

Customers must pay a 350€ deposit in order to reserve their spot for the course.  This deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances.  Once the 350€ deposit is paid that customer´s spot is reserved.  The final payment of 900€ must be made prior to day 1 of the course.  Payments may be made online, via transfer, or in cash.  If final payment is not received prior to Day 1 of the course, their spot will be cancelled and no refunds will be given.

Customers will also be offered the option to pay the whole course payment (Deposit 350€ + Final Payment 900€) of 1250€ all at once if they so choose.  Those customers, if they choose to cancel, will receive a refund of 900€ as long as they request the refund in writing prior to the course start date.  No shows will not receive any refund whatsoever.

All customers must notify in writing or via email if they want to cancel a their course.

**Instead of cancelling, customers will always be given the option to change to a different date free of charge as long as they give more than two weeks notice before the course start date.  Deposits are also transferrable to other persons in the case the original customer can not go but is able to find someone to go in their place.

TEFL International Seville Cancellation/Date Change Policy

If TEFL International Seville must change the date of a course for whatever reason, the course will be scheduled for a later date.  If a customer previously booked for that course cannot attend on the new date, they will receive a 100% refund as long as they notify TEFL International Seville Staff within 72 hours of the cancellation notification.  If TEFL International Seville receives no notification from the customer, they are automatically assumed willing and able to attend the new course date and the regular cancellation policy will be applied to the new date.

Neither TEFL International Seville nor Go TEFL Spain are responsible for any costs incurred outside of the course itself; such as flights, housing deposits, visa costs, etc. in the case the course date is changed and/or the customer is no longer able to attend the new date.

Customer Course Date Changes

Course date changes are allowed with 2 weeks or more notice before the course start date free of any extra charges.

Personal Travel

Go TEFL Spain and TEFL International Seville are not responsible for personal travel or accomodation not included in our course.  Neither Go TEFL Spain nor TEFL International Seville are responsible for nor will refund any costs of personal travel or accomodation due to the aforementioned course date changes that may occur, or for any other reason.


Accommodation is not included in the course fees.  On special occasions, TEFL International Seville is able to organize housing for the students but it is not guaranteed.  For more information, customers must direct their questions or requests to TEFL International Seville.


All taxes are included in the deposit and course fees.