Portugal VIP Weekend

Portugal VIP Weekend

Come enjoy a fabulous time on the Portugal VIP Weekend by We Love Spain. On this exclusive off-season trip, you will get to know Portuguese history and culture in the Algarve´s most beautiful towns. From walking tours to picturesque cliffs and coves, you will emerse yourself in the rich Portuguese lifestyle all while having the time of your life! Stroll through the charming town of Tavira. Awe at the turquoise waters of Lagos. And, stand on the cliffs believed to be the end of the world before the Age of Discovery! ONLY 50 SPOTS available!

Plus, you sleep in awesome HOTEL APARTMENTS just minutes from the beach and nightlife, with spacious and comfortable rooms for you and your friends.

All this is offered to you at the BEST PRICE and you don´t have to plan a thing! With We Love Spain you will get the absolute most out of your Portuguese adventure!

Trip Includes

Private Bus Transportation

Apartment Hotels with Kitchen (no oven).

Outdoor Pool, Bar Lounge, Restaurant.

Visits to Cabo San Vicente (End of the World) and Ponta Piedade (Lagos)

2 Walking Tours in the historic towns of Tavira and Lagos

Visits to Several Beautiful Beaches!

Optional: Speed Boat Cave Tour! MOST POPULAR!

1 Hour on a speed boat down the Portugese coast visiting the coves and the famous Benagil Cave!

Professional Tour Guides

We Love Spain Coordinator

Free time for shopping, etc.

Travel Insurance

Dates, Booking, & More!
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Portugal VIP Weekend

*Additional Dates and Departure Cities available for groups, write to info@welovespain.org

*Note – All online purchases for the Portugal Weekend Trip carry an online service fee of 4€.  If you would like to avoid these charges, you may book over the phone or via bank deposit or transfer.  For our account info please send an email to info@welovespain.org.

Prices and Optionals



After that – 109€

*All trip prices below are based on triple or quadruple rooms.  There is a supplement for double and single rooms.  See below.


Optional Speed Boat Cave Tour: 25€

Our MOST POPULAR ACTIVITY!  Boat ride on a fun Speed Boat ride that takes you in to the coves of the Algarve´s magical coast, all the way to the famous Benagil Cave! Approximately 1 hour. Highly recommendable.  Only 20 spots available per bus.

Portugal Weekend Trip

Double Room Supplement: 10€ per person

For couples or friends that want a private room together, you may have that by paying a double room supplement of 10€ per person.

*If you are two friends but would like to avoid the fee by sharing with one or two other travelers, please indicate that in your booking under room preference.

Individual Room Supplement: 45€

For those of you who would like their own room to themselves.

*If you are traveling alone but would like to avoid this fee, we will try to find you a roommate but it is not guaranteed.

*Note – All online purchases carry an online service fee.  If you would like to avoid these charges, you may book over the phone or via bank deposit or transfer.  For our account info please send an email to info@welovespain.org

Meeting Places & Times




Plaza De Cuba Roundabout (In front of Restaurante Jose Luis)
Aprox. Arrival Home: 7:30PM/8:00PM


Plaza de Toros
Aprox. Arrival Home: 6:30/7:00PM

ALBUFEIRA (Meet Group in Hotel)

Group Arrival:  We get to the hotel around 12:00pm to meet us in the lobby. However you can meet us any time.  Please write us for your coordinator´s contact.

Hotel: TBA

Aprox. Arrival Home: N/A

Zoom in to see meeting location for each city

Trip Itinerary!


Itinerary: The Portugal VIP Weekend Trip is subject to change due to logistics, waiting time, weather conditions, etc.

Day 1

Firstly, we will have a morning departure from origin city.  Departure towards Albufeira (possible pick-ups in other cities and technical stops).

Then, after arriving to the hotel and checking-in and enjoy free time to explore the town and visit the beautiful beaches. For those who have reserved, we will partake in the Speed Boat Cave Tour in the afternoon.  Time announced by coordinator.  Meanwhile, the rest of the group will have free time.

11:30pm (Portugal time)/12:30am (Spanish time): Lastly,  we will meet in lobby for night tour.  However, keep in mind, it is not obligatory to go out at night.

Day 2

9am (Portuguese time) / 10am (Spanish time):  Firstly, in the morning we will meet in the lobby and depart towards Cabo San Vicente, Sagres “The End of the World” without luggage (just what you need for the day).

Then, we will arrive to Cabo San Vicente.  Free time to take pictures and explore.

After that, we will go to Dona Ana Beach. Free time to enjoy the beach.

Next, we will departure towards Ponta do Piedade (Lagos). Free time for pictures and explore.

Subsequently, we will go to the city of Lagos where we will have a walking tour followed by free time to explore the city, buy souvenirs, food, etc.

Lastly, we will head back to Albufeira.  Hotel. Rest and free time.

11:30pm (Portuguese time)/12:30am (Spanish time): Finally, for those who want to go out we will meet in lobby for night tour. It is not obligatory to go out at night.

Day 3

9am (Portuguese) / 10am (Spanish). Firstly we will check out with luggage before departing towards Sao Rafael Beach to explore and take pictures.  After that, we will all departure towards the town of Tavira.  There we will have a walking tour followed by free time for lunch, shopping, etc.

4:00pm (Portuguese) 5:00pm (Spanish). Finally, we will Meet and return to origin cities. Portugal Week

*Arrival times are approximate depending on group, traffic, etc.  Please plan any connecting travel accordingly. Portugal VIP Weekend 

Two friends holding hands and jumping off the pirate ship on the Portugal Weekend Trip
Passports, Ids, & Visas

Necessary Documentation for Trip

***It is the full responsibility of all travelers to bring valid and correct documentation with them on the trips being passport or ID card. Portugal Weekend Trip


NON Europeans: Valid Passport
European Union citizens: Identity Card or Passport.

vip portugal weekend trip view city
everything you need to know!


You may bring whatever size suitcase or travel bag that you like on the Portugal Weekend Trip. There are no luggage restrictions.
Necessary for this trip: Beach towel, sunscreen, warm clothing for night or day, depending on the weather.
The hotels provide towels and soap but not a hair dryer, shampoo nor conditioner, so bring those if you need them.

Your hotel room is an apartment hotel with a kitchen (no oven).  Therefore, you may want to bring your own food and drinks to have dinner with friends, etc.  There are supermarkets nearby the hotel as well.


You will stay in one of our Aparment hotels minutes from the beach. Both in the city of Albufeira and 5 minutes from the nightlife. Both hotels have outdoor pool, wifi in the lobby, daily cleaning service, restaurant, and Bar lounge. Wifi is available in the reception for free or in your room for an additional cost. 

Any services not listed are not included in the trip such as extra hotel services like hotel phone, minibar, etc. which will have an additional cost to the traveler if they so decide to use them.



Rooms are doubles, triples, and quadruples (or even 5/6 person rooms under special request).
Individual rooms have an additional cost of 45€ and double rooms have an additional cost of 10€ per person.
If you are traveling alone and would like to avoid the single room fee, we will try to find you a roommate but it is not guaranteed.


On this tour food is not included. However, all rooms have a kitchen (no oven) and there are supermarkets close by. Moreover, the prices in the supermarkets and/or restaurants are similar to those in Spain.

Find out more about the Algarve HERE!


Guide/friend from We Love Spain and/or Sevilla Erasmus with over 50 tours under their belt. Languages: Spanish and English.  On some tours Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Portugese, Polish, French, and German as well.
Get to know us HERE!


Albufeira and Lagos are very safe, but like in any city, please be careful.  At night, your coordinators will be with you supervising but please do not go off with any strangers nor get in any fights, etc..  We will be going out together but at night it is your responsibility to get back to the hotel.  Please walk home in groups or take a taxi.  Taxis are very inexpensive in Portugal.  If you choose to drink you must do so responsibly.


Rules of conduct – Schedules:
First and foremost, you are on vacation and we are going to have a great time, but at the same time you are traveling in a group with friends and other clients, etc.  For that reason we have some simple rules that you must follow so that you and the rest of the group enjoys the trip 100%. It is obligatory to arrive to the meeting points at the times indicated by the coordinator.  Be punctual!  We are not responsible for any illnesses, damages caused in the hotel, bus or other places nor to one´s self or third parties.  We are not responsible for forgotten or lost items in any moment.  In these cases, you are responsible for finding the way to recover your items and for any additional costs that it may cause.

Traveling implies keeping an open mind to new cultures, new forms of life and distinct traditions.  There is more to the world than what happens in your front yard.  Our advice to you is if you want to enjoy 100% of this unique experience of getting to know this wonderful country rich in culture, music, art, and gastronomy, than be open to discovering other forms of life and seeing life, like it or not, but never indifferent, that is for sure.   Be respectful with other cultures and proud of yours.  Life is beautiful, travel more!  Viva Portugal!


Similar to Southern Spain.  Can be cooler at night due to it´s coastal location.

Places we will visit:

  • Cabo San Vicente (The End of the World)
  • Ponta da Piedade
  • Lagos City Center (Walking Tour and Free Time)
  • Tavira City Center (Walking Tour and Free Time)
  • Albufeira City Center (Free Time)
  • 3 or 4 Beaches (depending on weather). Descriptions below.

The main reason we choose to stay in Albufeira is because its nightlife, bars, and clubs are very popular and fun.  Plus, they are open very late and there are many more options than other cities.


Portugal VIP Weekend 

FINALLY, THANK YOU for choosing We Love Spain for your travel needs. 
Elizabeth Kinnon and David Reina (Founders of We Love Spain)

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